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Bruce Johnson, CEO of Global Healthcare Exchange, works to bring the business side of health-care providers into the modern age with digital solutions. Jonathan Castner for BizWest

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LOUISVILLE—In an industry that uses technology advanced enough to replace a person’s hip, it’s a shock to realize that a good number of health-care organizations still rely on checks to pay their bills.

The problems with this outdated system include time-on-task expenses for personnel to stay on top of invoices and payments as well as human-error inaccuracies.Without operational efficiency, the cost of doing business stays high, and opportunities to afford and increase services suffers.

To help health-care providers increase their focus on quality care, Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) came on the scene in 2000 with supply chain management technology.The cloud-based solution automates processes and cuts more than $1 billion from the cost of health-care delivery annually.

It brings health-care providers, manufacturers, distributors and group purchasing organizations into a community by automating manual processes.The result includes transparency in pricing and costs, increased efficiencies in procure-to-pay processes and comprehensive data to support buying decisions.

Bruce Johnson, president and CEO, has been in on the GHX mission since the beginning of the company.

“In 2000, automation was a fax machine, and people said they were automated when they had one,” he said, referring to the early days of GHX.Hospitals used telephone calls and faxes to place orders with suppliers that were chosen from a paper catalogue, they mailed invoices and they paid by checks.

“In 2009, about 40 percent of electronic documents still had discrepancies and didn’t match what was originally sent and what was sent back.”One of the causes was the incompatibility between programs that formatted the documents.

The differences could cost hospitals thousands upon thousands of dollars.

In health care, 60 percent to 70 percent of invoices are still paid by check today, Johnson said.

“If you compare the percentage of total budgets that the health-care industry has spent on IT, you’d see that it’s behind other businesses. Health care has been a cottage industry until the last 20 years.”

Since the field has started joining the ranks of other industries that have to compete for business, however, health care has been shifting its focus and working to catch up.

“In 2000, hospitals were more about their C-Suite relationships,” Johnson said.“Today, those physicians may be employees.”Relationships today are more geared toward patients.

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If VS Code does not automatically locate an interpreter you want to use, you can set the path to it manually in your User Settings settings.json file:

Select the File > Preferences > Settings command ( Ctrl+, ) to open your User Settings .

Preferences Settings

Create or modify an entry for python.pythonPath with the full path to the Python executable:

For example:



You can also use python.pythonPath to point to a virtual environment, for example:

A system environment variable can be used in the path setting using the syntax ${env:VARIABLE} . For example:

By using an environment variable, you can easily transfer a project between operating systems where the paths are different. Just be sure to set the environment variable on the operating system first.

An environment variable definitions file is a simple text file containing key-value pairs in the form of environment_variable=value , with # used to mark comments. Multi-line values are not supported.

By default, the Python extension loads a file named .env in the current workspace folder, as identified by the default value of the python.envFile setting (see General settings ). You can change the python.envFile setting at any time to use a different definitions file.

A debug configuration also contains an envFile property that also defaults to the .env file in the current workspace (see Debugging - standard configuration and options ). This property allows you to easily set variables for debugging purposes that replace those used in the default .env file.

For example, when developing a web application, you might want to easily switch between development and production servers. Instead of coding the different URLs and other settings into your application directly, you could use separate definitions files for each. For example:

dev.env file

prod.env file

You can then set the python.envFile setting to ${workspaceFolder}/prod.env , then set the envFile property in the debug configuration to ${workspaceFolder}/dev.env .

A conda environment is a Python environment that's managed using the conda package manager (see Getting started with conda ( Conda works very well to create environments with interrelated dependencies as well as binary packages. Unlike virtual environments, which are scoped to a project, conda environments are available globally on any given computer. This availability makes it easy to configure several distinct conda environments and then choose the appropriate one for any given project.

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